How to submit your Byproduct Online

  1. Register your Company

    To use the Byproduct Online service, you must register your company first. To register, click on "Register" as illustrated below.

  2. Login to your account.

    Once you've registered successfully, click on "Login" as illustrated below and fill in your login details in the login box.

  3. Validate your Byproduct

    Once you've logged in, the following screen will appear. Click on Browse to select your byproduct file (must be in Excel format)
    and click Validate Byproduct.

    Note: Make sure your byproduct complies with the current byproduct sample format as illustrated below.

  4. NB: If you're using Microsoft Office Excel 2007, kindly follow these simple steps to save your byproduct in the required format.

    Once you've followed these steps, you may continue to upload your byproduct.

  5. Submit your Byproduct

    If the byproduct validation is successful, then the following box will be displayed. Click on Submit Byproduct.

  6. Get your Eslip with your Byproduct Number.

    Once you've submitted your byproduct, the following box will be displayed which contains your Byproduct Number.
    Note down this Byproduct Number before you close this box. The Byproduct Number will be used at the bank
    when making your payment.

  7. Make your Payment at the nearest National Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank or Co-operative Bank.

    Fill in your details in the Bank Deposit Slip as illustrated in the example below. Remember to fill in the Byproduct Number that you noted earlier.

  8. Get a receipt

    Once you're payment has been processed, you will receive a receipt to confirm your payment as shown below.